January 18, 2023


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In the world and time we live in, unfortunately digital screens and social media take priority. I say ‘unfortunately’ because we spend less time talking to real people actually there — and I’m so guilty! It’s easy to share absolutely anything these days, and our attention has naturally gravitated towards a lit screen. This fact isn’t new, but even at weddings and events, it’s almost natural that we want to live it through our screens. If we Don’t record it or take pics though, did it actually happen? That’s the thought.

It’s actually refreshing to just be. in. the. Moment. Being Present, witnessing something with your eyes and not through a phone, ipad, etc. is almost a new concept. The same goes for wedding days. Professional hired photographers and videographers have the utmost honor of documenting and covering a couples’ wedding day. Brides and grooms spend money to hire a dream photography team to capture the big day.

It’s one thing if a couple wants their ceremony live streamed/recorded with a phone so that others who couldn’t be there can witness it. It is totally understandable to designate to have a ceremony covered by a family member or friend so that other loved ones overseas perhaps or in other states can witness the special day.

But — if preferred, there is a way to have your guests kindly keep phones up until after your ceremony AND/OR first dance — then they can record everything, post with your wedding hashtags, and all the things.

Oh your photographer will Love and appreciate you So much if they’re not having to duck and dodge guests phones while trying to capture your first dance. I personally try to be respectful of guests’ phones as they’re recording as I know how important it is for folks to get their pics. BUT I also will work to get my couples the shots they want and will have to look back at for decades to come — even if it means I had to stand in front of Aunt Karen’s ipad! (I mean, was she going to make you guys an amazing slideshow or album afterwards? Lol)

As a wedding guest, wouldn’t it be nice to not have a phone out for 50 percent of the day? As a photographer who’s had the pleasure of documenting wedding days, I can’t tell you how many cell phones I see and oftentimes need to edit out of the ceremony photos to have clean beautiful images that my couple would love! It’s kind of wild. I’m grateful that I’ve worked with couples who don’t get bothered by too many phones in their ceremony pictures.

I definitely understand the desire to get pictures at your friend/fam’s wedding on your own phone, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it. But, after you get over 20 pics on your phone, what do we really plan to do with the rest? I’m saying, Enjoy the wedding day and let the pros the couple paid for work =)

This is where an ‘unplugged ceremony’ enters the chat. There are many ways to encourage guests to enjoy the wedding ceremony and first dances without living it through a screen. Your pastor, officiant, DJ, MC, etc. can announce it AND there are many cute signs you can place that match the vibe of your day.

Just a thought to consider! Either way, I’m here to help you make your day fun and Radiant

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