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I'm Sydney Danielle Bien-Aime, the lady behind the lens of Radiant Photography -- and I've got to say that being a photographer has been such a rewarding journey! For over a decade, I've been blessed to capture timeless moments for amazing people. As I grew up in South Carolina, I've learned to appreciate the beauty each season brings and finding lovely photo locations to shoot in. My history behind the camera started in high school, then bloomed in college after I spontaneously shot my first wedding for a friend. After changing my mind throughout school and working part time at a pediatric office, I kept a passion for photography. Many, many photo shoots have happened since then, and here we are today!

Fun fact, in case you were wondering, my last name is French for 'good friend' (pronounced "bee/in/uh/me") My husband and I are about to celebrate 10 years of marriage together, and we're happy owners of an irresistible lilac French bulldog, Lumiere. He wants to be buddies with everyone he meets, and you can even follow him on Instagram, @lumiethefrenchie. A little more about me is that I'm a follower of Jesus, and I have a strong sweet tooth! I'm a big kid at heart who enjoys going to Disney World, while I'm also a bit of an 'old soul' who loves charming antique stores and nostalgia. Generally, I'm a homebody - but one of my fav ways to create & connect with others is through photography. 

Some things I share in common with my photo clients are: our love of color - like the way a sunset can create cotton candy skies; or our appreciation for thoughtful details - like family heirlooms or specific accessories you want captured in your photos. We may be alike if you have a quirky side and name your pet after a movie character; know random quotes from the movie, 'Nacho Libre'; or maybe you own a white Christmas tree instead of a green one(guilty!). We also may share a sentimental side if you're easily brought to tears like me during father daughter/mother son dances. (each time I edit those wedding day photos, I cry again) 
Either way, glad you're here!

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Sydney was AMAZING!!! She was so kind and caring about everything that we wanted for our day and had so many insights to help us out more. We booked her almost two years before getting married. Cannot recommend her enough!!!


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