I offer outdoor sessions first thing in the AM or in the EVENINGS for flattering, soft, glowing light.
My approach to 'newborn photography' is with a natural, documentary style. During these photos, we use the baby's nursery and the intimacy of your home. I often get details of the nursery, as it's a milestone of a moment in time. We also use cozy spots around the home to capture candid, interactive images. It's ideal to make photos when the baby is asleep/most drowsy.
During family sessions, I mix classic poses with natural interaction. Of course the family dog is welcome!
For senior sessions, I encourage you to bring 2 of your favorite outfits along with your cap & gown and any props that are special to you.
For creative/commercial business photos, I chat with you about the vision you want to capture, and we come up with a shot list to tell your story. I've photographed for businesses such as: a pest control company, bakers, florists, life coaches, pastors & staff, realtors, etc.

Whether you're a Disney fan, love fairies & unicorns, or have a fun dream you want brought to life through photos - these sessions are for you. With these sessions, I digitally enhance to create art. Make sure you bring your imagination!

I host mini sessions at various spots throughout the year. Mini sessions are great for quick, seasonal photos. These are announced first via my email newsletter, so make sure you join my email blast if you'd like to be amongst the first to know and book!
Mini sessions are usually 20-30 minutes long and come with an average of 20-30 photos.

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don't let life go by without documenting your milestones through the years! you're worth the luxury of a photo session. Sessions with me are relaxed, and I also host seasonal sessions throughout the year. Be sure to join my email blast to learn about photo specials and be amongst the first to know when they're announced!

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to ensure that we have an epic session together, please read so we're ready!

can i bring my pet?

*raw files disclaimer*

how many photos will i receive?
& what happens if i lose/delete my photos?

when & how will i receive my photo gallery?

can I select my photos?

tips for babies & little ones:

can i bring a supportive friend?

Of course! If your fur baby is part of the fam, and our location together allows, bring 'em! I often recommend having an additional person to help you handle/watch the pet.

When we spend up to an hour together, you'll receive 40-70 final images. Wedding galleries come with hundreds of photos. Each photo shoot is unique. Seasonal mini sessions come complete with up to 20 photos. I hand edit each image to enhance the beauty that is already present. Online galleries are kept up for a few months so you have plenty of time to download your images. Once your online gallery expires, or if you ever delete your downloads, or don't save/back your images up - no worries. I can re upload your gallery for a small fee.

You'll receive a digital completed gallery within 2-3 weeks with a juicy preview shortly after our session together. High resolution digital galleries are emailed. They're easy to download and share with loved ones. Wedding galleries are completed within 3-7 weeks. Printed albums, canvases, and custom usb flash drives are available upon request. I strongly encourage you to back your photos up and print them as gorgeous art memories for your home!

Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep well before our photo shoot and that nap time isn't around the same time. It's helpful if their bellies are full too! Bribes are good for the most part; having a fav dry treat on hand, or a promise of ice cream afterwards;) Oftentimes, I ask what favorite songs, cartoons, or Disney characters are so we can have some fun audio ready.

Sure, bring your 'hype man' if you absolutely need. Bring that friend who pumps you up and makes you laugh and smile the most if you need additional comfort - but I promise you, WE will have a good time together! I always recommend bringing a helpful person to bridal portraits, for example, as they can help you with lip gloss touch ups, water, etc.

I do not provide RAW/NEF files to clients. RAW images are like an incomplete work of art and remain property of Radiant Photography by Sydney Danielle. Delivering raw unedited images, straight out of the camera is like handing over an unfinished painting. They are extremely large files before they become beautifully finished, high resolution jpgs. Instead of receiving unnecessary files too big to transfer or store for the average family, my clients receive large jpgs that are optimized for enlarged prints and works of art for the home. Images can always be resized too!

Part of my job is selecting, editing, and delivering the most flattering images for you. You don't have to worry about this. The pictures I don't deliver are repeats, unintentional blurry shots out of focus, eye blinks, crazy faces, etc. Now, if there's a hilarious outtake that I think you'd enjoy just for the souvenir, you'll see it in your gallery;) I don't withhold images that I think you'd enjoy!

For outdoor portrait sessions: If rain is in the forecast, we make the official decision of rescheduling the day before, OR the morning of. Weather can change on a dime, especially here in the Carolinas, so we wait to see. I give you enough time to reschedule and rearrange appointments, while also not missing our opportunity together if the rain decides to go away. We can reschedule our session together within that same month, or within the remaining calendar year. On wedding days, we embrace the weather. Your day will be beautiful & special no matter what. I bring clear umbrellas for my couples, and I encourage you to make the photo memories even in a little drizzle.

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