November 17, 2021

FOR BRIDES: boudoir sessions paired with your bridal portraits

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Not only do I offer bridal portraits, but I’ve had many of my brides request boudoir pictures as it’s a growing trend. So, as an option, I offer these special sessions paired with bridal sessions. As a bride-to-be during this session, you’ll already be dolled up and ready, so we can do these before or after you’re in your dress. Boudoir sessions make fun, cheeky (pun intended) gifts to give to your groom, or they’re just nice to have to feel gorgeous and confident.

Disclaimer: boudoir photo sessions with me will be respectful and done in classy taste. I will not capture blatant nudity or tacky aesthetic (not my style/brand)! My goal is always to have you feel comfortable and beautiful in your natural skin and figure. When preparing for your bridal/boudoir session, here are some easy steps:

1) The bridal suite at your venue usually makes the ideal location for these particular sessions. It’s convenient as you’ll have a comfortable place to change and freshen up.
2) Great items to have with you are: one or two of your favorite lingerie/outfits, your veil if you have one, a bridal robe, a bouquet/mock bouquet, and your bridal heels
3) Be yourself, and don’t take it too seriously — I’ll have you laughing at yourself if you’re nervous. We’ll use the furniture, what’s around us, and natural posing.

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