April 12, 2023


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Major Mariah Carey ‘Butterfly’ cd vibes =) These photos are a must see!!

Kaela was a vision as we made gorgeous sun set photos in some of the peach blossoms here in Fort Mill. She was a dream in front of my camera, and I’m happy we got to finally meet and chat as fellow artists. She is amazing to work with, and I’m grateful I got to make beautiful photo magic with her. I love a fairytale look, and I knew she’d be stunning in one of my pink gowns with a crown. I wanted to try something different with 3D butterflies as body art, and you can find nearly anything in every color from Amazon these days! When the peach trees bloom and peek each late Winter in my city, I’m always happy to see them. This year we had unusual weather, and blooms were out very early! You’d never know it was a warm February. These photos are some of my personal favorites from this season!

so happy to land a front cover of ‘Imirage’ magazine!
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