January 2, 2023


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For years now, Glencairn Gardens in Rock Hill, SC remains to be one of my favorite sweet little locations. I found the park while I was a college student at Winthrop over a decade ago. It’s still a hidden gem, while time and time again it makes the sweetest spot for photo shoots. There is always something blooming each season, and it is kept clean with updated manicures. When a photo location doesn’t work out, Glencairn always comes through for me. One of my brides, Ashley, actually decided she wanted to have bridal portraits of her in her wedding gown here — nowhere else. It’s a quaint, usually relaxing spot, full of plenty of shade. I do hope that the community continues to respect this place and that it lasts as one of Rock Hill’s best garden/parks.

Ashley was simply. stunning. A natural beauty is just what she is! Believe it or not, we actually shot outside in the Summer — something I would Never recommend for bridal portraits — but at the time it had to work, and we were blessed with the breeziest afternoon anyone could ask for =)

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