October 3, 2017

Best Friends Boho photoshoot in a cotton field | Chester, South Carolina


This was a dreamy photo session that couldn’t have been any more beautiful! Anyone who’s ever been to our home knows that I love to decorate with cotton. I’ve been waiting to shoot in a cotton field for a long time, and we finally stumbled upon several acres close to where we live. My cousin, Kensleigh, always makes a perfect model for me 😉 We got a bohemian, 70’s style going on and made some magic! By far, these are some of my most favorite photos to date.

These two girlies have been bffs since they were little tots. Caroline also leads worship at her church, and she sounds amazing when she plays with her guitar. They made gorgeous photos together!

“A best friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have”

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