January 1, 2018

Benefits of doing a FIRST LOOK on your wedding day

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As 2018 brings in newness, our wedding trends are changing too. More couples are choosing to do a ‘First Look’ with each other while some keep the tradition of no peeking until you come down the aisle. First Looks are more popular these days, and I am not mad about it! Personally, my husband and I did not do one, but as a photographer – I find that first looks have become one of my most favorite things to witness and photograph on a wedding day. So, I’m going to share again why I think couples should definitely do a first look! In my career of capturing numerous wedding days, I have considered several beneficial reasons for couples to do a first look together.

One of the main perks is that you will get MORE bride and groom pictures. Yay!

A first look guarantees a private segment of non rushed time to get natural reactions and interaction of just the bride and groom alone. Sure, there’s a concern that a first look could water down the emotional moment when the bride walks down the aisle. However, I believe – and I’ve seen – that if you’re truly in love, those butterflies from seeing each other as you come down the aisle will remain – and if you’re a crier, you’re still going to cry!

Not only will you get more sweet bride and groom shots, but you get a non frantic moment with your soon to be spouse before the wedding ‘frenzy’ begins. I have experienced that brides are more relaxed during their ceremony after they had a moment to just breathe with their man. While your wedding is an occasion you want to share with your closest family and friends, you may want to take a moment of quiet with your love and say a few words, hug, kiss, exchange gifts, or even grab his butt if it helps ease your nerves!

Trust me, your beautiful day will go by quickly, and your wedding timeline is not invincible. They don’t always go as completely planned. Weather changing can affect your day. If you’ve had your first look, and it decides to rain later – no worries – you scored your bride and groom photos. If you love natural light like me and you’re planning an outdoor ceremony that takes place later in the year, you don’t have to worry as much about beating the dark daylight savings hour if you do a first look. You can get your planned poses finished before dark. It never fails that pictures of the bride and groom, their wedding party and family often suck up a ton of time in the space between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Another huge benefit of doing a first look is that you’re still refreshed and excited in your dress, hopefully your feet aren’t hurting yet, and you can enjoy a bit of the cocktail hour, stress-free. Are you picturing it yet?

A first look may not be for everyone, but it is certainly something to consider. It can eliminate rushing, get you more photos, and potentially get you more time with your guests. We are able to capture those raw emotions for the first time without all of the guests staring. Just think of it.

I love honesty, and I like to provide my brides with insight. Remember, whatever you choose, I look forward to helping make your day Radiant! Let’s tell your story together <3

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xo, happy wedding planning!

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